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Please also note that Thor lets people off the train before boarding 

I AM PRETTY SURE that if you wanted to get to Greenwich from Charing Cross you would not take the tube, you would take an overground??? but i suppose he is already underground, maybe he is planning to change at Waterloo

We just had this EXACT conversation in my living room (Dad: “Is he going to the National Maritime Museum?”)

I would like to think he is going to the Royal Observatory to look at the legendary clocks of John Harrison but i realise he probably has other things on his mind

I think he’s going for the view of London from up by the conservatory. It’s stunning at sunset. The tube looks rush hour full, so he’ll make it there just in time.

I just noticed the girl in the second gif taking a picture of him. Yep. I’d do the same.

I see so many people complaining about the whole “he wouldn’t get there on that tube” thing (like I actually read a review which knocked the film for something like that) but it’s OBVIOUS that the woman is only saying to get on this train so she can be on a fucking train with THOR.

All I saw was that look he gives her in the last gif

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capsikle asked: “How does Fury wake up the avengers?”

thor oh my god c:


Steve wakes up to the sound of FREEDOM

Does anyone else find it adorable that Tony wakes Bruce up??

loki is duct taped to his bed

i just really love Natasha’s little hammock

I don’t have the words ::dying::

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My wife had zero interest in the Marvel movies… until Chris Hemsworth took off his shirt. Now she’s an expert in Norse mythology. 

Here’s a little love song dedicated to my wife Beth.


You didn’t watch Captain America 
You didn’t care for Iron Man 
The Hulk did not hold your attention 
You’d rather play a game of Words With Friends 

But you seemed to take an interest 
in that Asgardian 

I admit Chris Hemsworth looks quite handsome 
with that hammer in his hand 
Do you think he’d listen to your problems? 
Do you think he’d make a good boyfriend? 

But if you want a Norse god 
I’ll do the best I can 
so here’s my plan 

I’ll Be Your Thor 
I’ll put a cape and helmet on 
I’ll grow my hair and dye it blonde 
and when I’m done singing this song 
you’ll ask for more 

I’ll be your Thor 
I’ll increase my muscle mass 
I’ll wear tight pants to show my ass 
And I won’t be a stupid bastard anymore 
Cause I’ll be your Thor 

We can watch a different movie 
Sex & The City would be fine 
You shake your head and raise the volume 
and stare at his bare chest one more time 

I may not be Chris Hemsworth 
But put your hand in mine 
and we’ll be fine 

I’ll be your Thor 
I’ll pick a fight with Frost Giants 
I’ll walk across the rainbow bridge 
You know my biceps will be bigger than before. 

I’ll be your Thor 
You’ll be my Natalie Portman 
The world will call me Odinson 
I’ll defeat Loki with a thunder bolt for sure 
Cause I’ll be your Thor 

When Hulk goes smash, I might get hurt 
But I’ll still look good without my shirt 
I hope the Enchantress will not flirt with me anymore 

All of your friends will think I’m weird 
Cause I hold a hammer called Mjolnir 
But I just want to be with you my dear forevermore 
I’ll Be Your Thor


released 03 June 2013 
John Anealio: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel, Bass, Synthesizer, Drum Programming 

The fantastic artwork is by Scott Johnson:,



Fuck Yeah Feminist Thor. 

#okay i love this both for the message it contains #and for the fact that now i’m just#imagining #thor #wandering around earth on his days off from avenging shit#and casually stopping people who are being assholes and being like #HELLO #I AM NOT OF THIS REALM #AND YOUR BEHAVIOR IS REPREHENSIBLE BY THE STANDARDS OF ALL CIVILIZED BEINGS #HAVE YOU PERHAPS CONSIDERED BEHAVING IN A LESS ABHORRENT FASHION #FOR I KNOW THAT IF YOU ATTEMPTED SUCH FOLLY UPON ASGARD EVEN MY BROTHER LOKI WOULD LOOK UPON YOU AS FOUL#ADDITIONALLY I AM SEEKING WHAT I AM TOLD IS THE BEST VENDOR OF DOGS THAT ARE HOT IN THIS CITY #IF PERHAPS YOU WOULD GUIDE ME I WOULD BE WILLING TO RECONSIDER MY ASSESSMENT OF YOUR CHARACTER #and people just#staring #at him #in fear/amazement #while he frowns at them radiating good intentions and Powers They Know Not Of #and his cape billows in the wind


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